In what time will codes be made available?

Codes are usually produced within 4 hours.

After approx. 24 hours from order these codes will be generated and can be downloaded by the Economic Operator.

Within 24 hours the order can be cancelled, no costs will be charged.


There is also the possibility of "urgent orders":

These codes are also produced within 4 hours and delivered immediately afterwards.

These codes cannot be cancelled and must always be paid.


Is a test system available?

From the tobacco industry partners we need an email address for the test from the person who gets access to a shared folder from us. There you will find the information about the test. Send this email address to and to


The software "Postman", which simulates an API, can now be used. The link to our test environment is:


The production system


The production system is available since 20 May 2019.

The link is:

The maximum order quantity per order is 10 million individual identifiers (upUI's).



How is the invoice issued?


The invoice is issued as a monthly collective invoice either to the EO that ordered the codes or, if requested during registration, to another EO, e.g. the parent company.

The delivery is made either as an electronic invoice, which can be booked automatically in the receiving system, or as a PDF file, which is sent by email.


How can the issuing office be reached in case of questions?


You can reach the issuing office by email to

For technical questions, please contact the hotline of the Austrian Federal Computing Center:

Is it permitted for a successor of a tobacconist to take over delivered tobacco products (cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco that are currently affected by Track&Trace) from their predecessor?


If the goods remain in the tobacconist's shop and a tobacconist takes over the stock from the predecessor, this is ok from Track&Trace's point of view. In this case, the predecessor and successor settle this business case with each other without involving the wholesaler.

The first point of sale is relevant for the delivery and the related notification in Track&Trace - this is the tobacco shop (facility) and not the tobacconist (economic operator).

If wholesalers return and credit the goods to the predecessor and deliver and invoice the goods to the successor, the codes for these goods movements must be scanned and reported to the Track&Trace system.